Monday, November 19, 2012

The Great Courses company; Nazis, youtube a joke w/ copyright.

They come after little ol' me and have the first, Neil deGrasse Tyson, "My Favorite Universe" video taken down. I received several positive comments and messages about that first lecture video and the whole lecture series from many people who were very happy to have access to the lectures, many being young kids who probably couldn't ask their folks for $200.00 for two DVDS. That's how struggling parents would see it; two DVDs, two hundred bucks! Yes, they have "MFU" on sale right now in one of their typical ridiculous mark downs for $40.00 but the cost will go back up. It always irked me how one day they'll sell a course for $400.00 and the next day mark it down to $80.00. How can you ever justify charging $400.00? Think how abused the customer who purchased the course at $400.00 feels when the next day it's $80.00. They make great work at TGC but...assholes! By now Tyson has made them millions from the sell of the  "MFU" course, yet he only made a one time fee, about 30-40k, perhaps less as it's only a 12 lecture course. Greed, greed, greed. All TGC really cares about is money; not education, they just found a racket in educational videos. 

I'm going to have to halt uploading those types of videos for now and if I get another video pulled from my channel due to TGC complaining to youtube I'll take all TGC lecture videos down from my Playlists. Not to worry kids, I have a plan as to where to place the videos online and how to continue uploading more courses. Youtube is ridiculous, with millions of copyright infringed videos sitting on their servers. Just search any popular musician. Yet they want to act as though they hold no culpability and put it all on the user. 

Anyhow...that button...over the right...up ever so'll make you feel so good to help a poor man get some new stuff to make cool videos. Videos that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you question your faith...if you have any. Videos to make you feel all warm and fuzzy and full of *vigor and spunk!

-If you're not sure just what I'm speaking to, check out my first post. 


*Note: claims about vigor and spunk have not been tested and individual reactions may vary. 

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